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Vannes 2 years ago
Who's the bubbly blondie
2 years ago
Yooooo who's that second to last girl?!?! Goddamn
Who 2 years ago
Who is the first girl?
Kathy Morris 2 years ago
black girls will catch an eye full of cum before they swallow it. I don’t waste I’m catching every drop
Fact 2 years ago
If u feel like being a sneaky little man know who all it is and I have no Care for the crew membes well being. Suck a dick with ur mom's lips Noah and Ted u are so retarded to fuck with me and think I'm not going to stand up and get u fucked up cartoons are all u can be funny at u mad a problem
H. Jigc 3 years ago
The second to last girl. My man busted 2 nuts. Damn Only Spanish girls will be that nasty with your dick. If you get a bitch to blow bubbles with your cum. You know she ain’t worth shit. Typical Latina. Nails done. Whore for dick
I fuck you 2 years ago
The dude 3 years ago
Girl before last girl is ridiculous. She making bubbles. You can’t be more disrespected then that. Lol Some of you Woud wife her up I bet. Meanwhile she blowing cum bubbles
Lol 3 years ago
Yooooo that Spanish girl was making bubbles. Holy shit. I’m sure her family thinks highly of that. lol. Your little Spanish daughter running around making cum bubbles. Stupid bitch
Usio 2 years ago